Team versus Group

The label 'team' is often used interchangeably with 'group' and yet as we understand it, it has a very specific meaning. The difference very largely lies in the direction of action. A group can exist and yet not achieve much. A team, on the other hand, is action-orientated. It has a clear purpose and it is a purpose that is shared by its members.

In an effective team, members share a high level of commitment to achieving the common objective and have a high level of satisfaction from being part of and working with the team.

Effective teams have members who work well together in an integrated way, with high levels of awareness and appreciation of each others' strengths. This gives them a high capability for solving their own problems. The skills exist and there is a willingness to act. Of prime importance, from the business adventurer's point of view, is that an effective team is one producing high-quality results. These, it could be reasonably argued, are the outcome from the other characteristics of the effective team. The qualities of an effective work team are, therefore, identifiable, and are quite specific and measurable.

Although any group can possess any or all of these characteristics, an effective team must display them all.

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