Tent Time : How Can We Improve?

Team cohesion is essential in high performance teams, it is the glue that binds individuals as one and it provides the resilience and confidence to overcome setbacks.

During my adventures, team cohesion is achieved at the end of each day through 'tent-time'. Once we are comfortable in our tent, I encourage my teams to openly share their thoughts and views on the day's progress, highlight any positive achievements and review our future milestones.

It is also an opportunity for anyone to raise any issues of concern or grievances! It is critical to deal with any grievances head on, seek resolution and then move on. Tent-time also provided some time to share experiences, learn a useful tip someone had uncovered during the day and to laugh at the day's tribulations.

Ultimately tent-time is about asking the question 'how can we improve?' - the single most important question any team can ask themselves.

How often do you set aside some 'tent-time' to ask yourself or your team how can we improve?

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