Sharing Insights : Ernest Shackleton

1. He recognised the importance of team moral.
He understood his crew, he knew what motivated them and when he could, he gave it to them. He gave them the best equipment and resources he could afford. He encouraged them, held them accountable and set realistic objectives.

2. He was accessible to his crew.
He made time to be available and spent lots of time with his crew. He connected with, spoke and respected the individual differences of his crew.

3. He had fun.
No matter what challenges he faced, he always encouraged social activities when the work was done. He created an environment in which his crew felt good in spite of their circumstances.

4. He remained optimistic.
He maintained an absolute faith that he would prevail while recognising the reality of the situation, remaining optimistic that they would find a way to overcome it.

5. He kept troublemakers close.
He kept troublemakers close so that he knew what they were doing, kept them from contaminating the rest of his crew and had some influence on their actions.