Celebrate Success

One of the most effective ways to help maintain team cohesion is through celebration.

Every opportunity should be taken to celebrate both individual and team successes, however large and however small. Occasions when a team should celebrate should most certainly be linked with goal setting and, as discussed on an earlier blog, celebrations should form part of the leaders strategy in how is to shape his peak performance team.

Leaders should keep an eye out for individuals who have made significant achievements in moving team efforts towards its goal and, particularly when the individual has achieved success beyond his/her experience and/or technical ability. Celebrations can a simple as an email announcement to a full blown team gathering. Celebrations share positives, and help to inspire and motivate others within the team. If a team is under performing celebrating success becomes increasingly important.

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Sharing Insights with London Business School

I recently spoke at to executives attending an Accelerated Development Programme at the London Business School. My talk, 'Leading Through Turbulence', covered leadership and team insights from my South Pole and beyond expedition. One of the main areas of interest during the Q&A session was the subject of decision-making.

Making decisions in high pressure environments when the decision can mean the difference between success or failure - and its a thin dividing line most of the time - takes practise. It is important to not only have all the facts at hand, but also the end result in mind.

The process you follow is not as important as the end result. So whatever process you follow, always ensure you fully understand the end result you are after. Sometimes it is easy just to focus the immediate hurdle and loose sight of the bigger picture.

Through increased exposure to decision-making you will build an inner confidence and ability to cut through the noise to see the key information. This experience will help build what some intuition. You will start to see solutions quicker and with clarity - and remember there is always a solution.

On my polar journeys I always include my fellow team members in the decision-making process because having other perspectives is really valuable. And as the formal leader you gather the input and decide the ultimate course of action.

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