Leading high performance teams - A masterclass in leadership for the business adventurer

Unlike other leadership books that are big on theory, Sean shares his own experiences of what really works through practical, tried and tested insights.

Combined with his 'on the ice' knowledge of leading teams, a lifetime of delivering results in senior leadership and project roles has given Sean a genuine understanding of the pressures and challenges facing today's managers and organisations.

Inside this book, Sean share's the lessons, experience and skills acquired to provide a definition of leadership, how to lead for high performance and what is needed to be a successful business adventurer.

Readers will learn:

• Secrets to unlocking your teams potential to achieve higher levels of performance
• How to risk and setback can be turned to your advantage
• How 'leadershifting' can achieve winning results
• How to venture successfully into new territory
• How to create a climate of high performance for your teams
• Powerful insights from case studies of Sean's record-breaking polar journeys

and much more...

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